I want to start my post by introducing what I plan on doing with my blog.  I have a burning desire to help the hurting and people dealing with stress, anxiety, and fear.  It has been a road that I am all too familiar with.

I will be writing posts that have to deal with emotional healing, as well as spiritual healing.  You may be a minister  or minister’s wife who has been so torn down by a church, that you are considering leaving ministry forever.  I know the feeling, my husband and I have been there.  Are you a parent worrying about your children?  Are you a wife feeling all hope is lost in your marriage?  Do you feel anxiety and fear so strongly that you think you are going to lose your mind and that you will never have freedom or feel joy again?  Has the dark pit of depression enveloped you so much that you have given up all hope?

God is the only answer for every one of us. He will meet you at the point of your need. I want to be the instrument God uses to bring some encouragement to your lives and let you know that:  YOU ARE AN OVERCOMER!




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