Running Your Race

Running Your Race

“I have fought the fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” 2 Timothy 4:7

As a runner goes through extensive training and pain to condition his body to run and finish a race strong, so we as christians must train our own bodies to finish the work God has for us to finish.

Press into all that God has for you. Sometimes the road is not easy, and sometimes the pain is too much to bear, but always have it in yourself to finish strong. Don’t allow your own negative self-talk, or people, or life situations stop you from becoming what God wants you to become. Press into Him by reading the Word, praying, and doing His will so that you too can finish strong!

This picture is of my wonderful son. He has an incredible testimony that I have shared before. If you have never heard it, let me know in the comments and I can share it on my next post.

Aaron is such an inspiration to me. He has taught me to keep going even when life seem impossible and not fair. He has also taught me that God ALWAYS has the last say in EVERYTHING that concerns our lives. And he taught me that Nothing is Impossible with God!

Don’t worry about the obstacles. Give your life over to God and He will help you finish your race.

Never Give Up!


2 thoughts on “Running Your Race

  1. Lori,

    Great picture of Aaron! Your writing offers good insights and great encouragement. They are well written. Keep them coming. 🙂


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